Heli-Hike Adventures

If you’re up for something extraordinary, you’ll be down with this! We now have 3 locations to serve you!

We just added back in the mix, the Cariboos lodge! Contact me for the details on what an amazing location this is.

For an experience available nowhere else on earth…

Way back in 1965, Canadian Mountain Holidays founder Hans Gmoser’s passion for mountaineering morphed into an entirely new adventure: using a helicopter for a ski lift. A new sport was born – Heli-Skiing. There was only one problem: you had to be a skier to enjoy it. So we created an entirely new genre of adventure to give people who are not skiers or mountaineers an extraordinary mountain experience.

The result: an experience like nothing else. Our guests experience mountaineering without the rigors of difficult climbing. They traverse glaciers along the easiest and safest routes, and are whisked back to a comfortable lodge for fine dining and a message. They stand on pointy summits without the gymnastics of rock climbing. They explore waterfalls pouring over rainbow-colored stone and past deep blue glacier ice –with eyes with pure amazement that this is not only possible, but downright fun. It’s much more than hiking, but not quite mountaineering. If you’re looking for all the fun (and then some) without the suffering, in remote mountain country, with experienced guides, surrounded by wilderness… this is it.

As a family of 7 we have spent 7 summers with CMH and were one of the first to try out the Mount Nimbus Via Ferrata in the Bobbie Burns. Our youngest child when we started heli-hiking was 9. We went in the Family Adventure program and it is something our kids still talk about. That 9 year old is now 20, talk about an impression! Our oldest son was having trouble with school and his first heli-hiking trip with grandpa Fred (a.k.a. Turbo) changed all of that. Not only did he turn his behavior around to a 4.0, he framed his “Turbo” story as a Christmas gift to his grandpa that eventually was published with CMH and landed him a very high end back pack presented at the Bobbie Burns by none other than Hans Gmoser himself.

We all achieved our Alpinist Award receiving an awesome jacket and hat combo we wear proudly. They are also a great conversation starter helping to introduce more people to this exciting experience.

We are also new grandparents to 9 wonderful grandchildren and are excited to introduce them to skiing and summer adventures.

As the snow filled mountains graciously melt away they come alive with a whole new scene.

Whether you are a thrill seeker or just want to breathe in the beauty of the mountains, this Summer Adventure is a must do and is waiting for you!

The Noble Spirit will live on through our adventures.